If you are under treatment of a psychiatrist and/or another specialized mental health worker and suffer from mental health problems, such as borderline, schizophrenia or suffering from psychosis you cannot participate. Naturally you cannot participate if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. It is a good idea to test your liver function with blood tests, get your blood pressure checked, because even low blood pressure is a contraindication and check your heart (ECG).

When you use antidepressants you cannot participate to the session, blood pressure-lowering drugs are also a contraindication unless you can leave it, in consultation with your doctor, for at least two weeks; also if you use other medication it may be wise to let this stand, if possible and always after consultation with your doctor.

We advise you to when you have any kind of doubt, use of medication, consult your doctor.

If you are taking part in a Iboga session we're going to assume you're healthy mentally and physically or that a doctor has given you the "green" light. We work with a own risk statement and participation is at your own responsibility.

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