In a relaxed environment with soft background music, is your own bed on which you can lie, sit or hang. If desired, you could use a eye mask to completely withdraw within yourself and to better see the dream-like images, which can be experienced.

The session lasts between 24 and approx. 32 hours and usually consists of 3 phases; the first phase lasts on average 6 hours, consists of several parts despite that you are, most of the time, awake it is described as dream state. In this phase you can get the feeling of being "drunk", you may throw up, because of the diet and fasting before the start of the session, you will only give moisture and Iboga back. In the second phase, the "dreams" will stop and you will experience a kind of waking sleep. The following is the third stage which consists mostly of a deep relaxing sleep, in which you can dream.

Because of the strong detoxifying properties of Iboga is it possible that you feel sick, vomit, violently transpires or experiencing your intestines; This is generally experienced as "letting go". "Letting go", is the key for a successful process. If you're resisting the healing effects of Iboga, you make the process needlessly longer and heavier.

Everything that happens during the session is good, we accompany and observe you continuously in the first 2 phases, so that you can go through your unique process in a safe protected environment.

We recommend that you participate without expectations about the course of the session. It is unnecessary to fear Iboga, it is a loving gift of mother nature. Our experience is that everyone has their own unique experience with Iboga and we are well able to support you in this process. In our guestbook or on internet you can read or see various findings of people, you will find that there is no experience the same.

Normally it is possible to function “normally” in the course of the next day, there are cases that this can take a little longer. It is also possible that you will experience a while longer more difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, there have also been reports of some dizziness and visual observations. Be aware that whatever presents itself, will go away.


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