What does Iboga

Iboga is being used for the psychological and spiritual growth, personal development and for breaking barriers and addictions. Iboga is a strong detoxification and has a long-lasting positive effect on the area in our brain that controls the punishment/reward system. Because of this effect people will be helped for months with breaking their bad habits.

We guide you with breaking from your addiction and growing personally. We are capable to guide these processes involved and professional.


Iboga is the most powerful aid that exist to break all kind of bad habits and addictions, whether it is about Tabaco, drugs or another addiction. Because of the active substances of Iboga your symptoms of withdrawal will stay away. Your desire to, for example, smoke a cigarette will be so reduced by Iboga that there is nothing left of your desire for that cigarette. It will be nothing more than feeling an impulse from an old habit every once in a while, which can be easily suppressed.

The session has booked success for 90 to 95% of the participants with only one session, and there hasn’t been any setbacks to addiction.

Iboga can also give you personal insight after the session, it is possible that some people experience this as intruding. Know that this comes from using Iboga and it will always have a positive intention, the side effects will pass. Iboga works best them you surrender to the process. You should realize that Iboga is a medicine that helps you to become a better person, it is a gift from nature, have faith. The side effects differ for every person. You will probably feel tired, light headed and you might have some trouble sleeping two days after the session, this will pass. It is possible that you don't have any side effect or that your side effects will last a little bit longer, but you don't have to be give this a lot of meaning. Know that Iboga will leave your body in a subtle and healing way months after intake.

Feel free to mail us at any time if you would like to receive some further information about Iboga.


Iboga brings your subconscious to the surface, it gives you insight and helps you to let go of your old habits and destructive believes. It can be more powerful than years of psychotherapy. You will be invited by Iboga to come into contact with your inner self in a loving way.

If you have ever had psychotherapy or any other form of psychological help, or you posses a good self-knowledge and self-insight, you might be able to place the message that Iboga has for you easier. 

Iboga works different for everyone and it (partly) depends on your intention and motivation. Iboga is mainly experienced by people as an inner journey with random pictures, sounds, memories and impressions without a lot of cohesion, mostly from your childhood. By some Iboga is described as a reset button of a computer that erases all the excess information or manipulates it so that the emotional attachment no longer has any influence on your daily life.

Some people do an Iboga session every year which makes that they peal off a layer of themselves every time they do it.

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